CSAW 2012 This Weekend!

We will be competing this weekend as a team in CSAW 2012, a challenge-based CTF competition hosted by NYU-Poly.  This competition will run for 48 hours.  We will be meeting in our usual room, Osbourne A210, at 4:00PM on Friday to get started.  Additional collaboration information will be sent out over email.

Challenge 03

Our third challenge is now up!  Detail can be found here.  We plan on running this challenge for at least two weeks, with hints being sent out over the mailing list regularly based on how people are progressing.

Upcoming Meeting: September 2nd

Our next regular meeting will be on this coming Sunday, September 2, 2012 from 1PM to 3PM in our new location in the Osborne Center in room A210, see link to map below.  We know that this is Labor Day weekend, so many people may be busy and unable to attend.  If that is the case, please attend our meeting two weeks from now on Sunday, September 9, 2012.
This week, we plan to go over several of the basic tools used in network security, such as setting up ssh keys, connecting to VPNs, virtual machines, and so forth.  Additionally, we would like to hear from everyone about which topics they might want more in-depth workshops on, such a scripting languages (python, perl, php, etc), dealing with packet capturing (Wireshark), or reverse engineering (IDA Pro).
We will also be introducing a new challenge this week, which will run for at least two weeks.  We are aiming to have a new club challenge every two weeks, so if you are interested in creating your own challenges, please start developing some ideas.