CSAW Wrap-up, RvB Updates, and Hack.LU 2012

Last weekend, we participated in CSAW 2012, ending up in 89th place, out of 639 teams who scored points, and 9th out of 62 teams in the graduate division.  Nice job!  We will add a list of links to writeups of the various challenges soon.

Our new round of Red versus Blue is underway.  We have sorted out many of the issues with the VPN that we encountered in the first week, which should allow for more seamless access to the relevant servers.  Check out the wiki for more information.

We have our next competition lined up as well: Hack.LU 2012.  This is another 48 hour challenge-based CTF, similar to CSAW.  Unfortunately, this one is somewhat poorly timed, as it takes place in the middle of the week.  As a result, we will be doing this one almost entirely remotely, using IRC and Teamspeak again as the main means of communication.