CyberPatriot Collaboration and Results

Recently, we collaborated with a local group of high school students to help them prepare for CyberPatriot V, a nation cyber defense competition sponsored by the Air Force Association.  The competition revolves around a teams of students being given control of a set of insecure computers, which they must then secure and defend in a live security exercise.  Each computer is responsible for providing a number of services, which the team must make sure continue normal operation, while preventing an enemy team (the “Red” team) from compromising the system.

In order to help the team prepare, PeakChaos created a set of very problematic servers covering a wide range of operating systems, which could then be virtually hosted on a single physical computer.  Using this setup, we were able to take part in a mock competition with the team, where they attempted to secure the servers in one room, while members of PeakChaos acted as the Red team in a different room attempting to break in to the servers.  Overall, the event was a big success, allowing both sides a good learning experience.

The actual CyberPatriot V competition took place last week, where the Colorado Springs Cadet Squadron managed to score highest among the Civil Air Patrol teams.  Good job!