Meeting 9/12 7:30PM

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

We’ll be having our next meeting this Thursday at 7:30PM in Osborne/Science & Engineering A210. A rudimentary, semi-unhelpful, and fruitless map is located hereThe room is on the ground floor, take right through the sliding double doors, go down the hallway and take another right.

We’ll be working on getting everyone introduced to the security world and involved right away. I have constructed a fully interactive presentation/exercise. You will not have access to the training network until the night of the meeting, but the slides are available here

Please bring a working laptop, preferably running Linux or running a Linux VM. It is very boring watching everyone have fun, trust me and if you aren’t behind the keyboard you’re not learning. Bring your gear please.

If you have any questions on how to install a Linux VM here’s an example that will work with Ubuntu on Windows 7:

Happy Hacking!

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