MEETS THURSDAYS 730PM OSBORNE A208. FRIDAYS 2PM OUTSIDE OSBORNE A210. UCCSCSC (formely known as PeakChaos) is the competitive and educational cyber security team at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.  We do weekly meetings to educate our members about cyber security defense and offense.  We compete monthly in national and international competitions and work with local businesses to help create educational opportunites and careers for our members.

UCCSCSC was formed by Mike Bolie and Donovan Thorpe in the spring of 2012. They wanted to create a club at UCCS dedicated to competing in online cyber security competitions such as iCTF, pCTF, and DEFCON.  These competitions are focused on challenges based on networking, programming, reverse engineering, hacking, encryption, math, electronics and multimedia.  They also wanted to participate in Internet Capture the Flag style events, where several teams fight to take control of each other’s systems.  Between competitions, they planned to focus on helping people learn various techniques and technologies through workshops and training sessions.  The club was to be open to everyone regardless of ability level.

Mike and Donovan took on the challenging task of establishing a base membership for the club and helping get those interested involved. After recruiting Aaron Perkins, Patrick Leedom and Thomas Jessop as additional officers during the summer of 2012, the club began to take shape. With a firm officer group, UCCSCSC could now tackle some of the more difficult problems such as training and additional recruitment. Over the course of the last year, UCCSCSC has exposed members to a variety of technical challenges and hosted a myriad of training events, including guest lecturing on select topics of interest in Dr. Chow’s CS591 class.

With a core officer group and member base the club finally began to show improvement. Since the inception of UCCSCSC , UCCS has been represented in over 11 CTF or challenge based competitions over the last year, usually scoring within the top 100 teams. The club’s highest placement has been 6th in the nation in the CyberLympics competition, during the summer of 2013. In an effort to reach out to the community,  UCCSCSC has also hosted an Attack/Defense competition for a local Cyber Patriot team. Cyber Patriot was started by the Air Force Association in an effort to teach high school students more about securing vulnerabilities and hardening systems. This is the first in many community outreach programs that the club is looking at assisting in the future.

The future of UCCSCSC could never look better, with an ever changing member base and experience in many competitions to date. They are continually learning and teaching new methodologies that will help shape the future of UCCS’s involvement in the cyber domain.

Over the last year UCCSCSC has:

-Competed actively in 11+ CTFs with a large scale group effort

-Participated in the CyberLimpics (came in 6th place nationally)

-Held weekly meetings and instructional sessions

-Ran competitions/challenges internally

-Orchestrated Red vs Blue competitions

-Assisted Cyber Patriot team with their High School competition prep

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