PeakChaos Spring 2015 Kickoff

Hope you all had a great break.  We are doing some different things in 2015, first of which is using this website to post information easily.

This semester, we will be meeting weekly on Thursday nights at 7:30PM in Osborne A208.  You can find the list of topics here:

 Hope to see you guys soon!  I will continue to update the website and make changes so that it is more useable and friendly.



PeakChaos Presentation on Stuxnet

We will be holding a presentation about Stuxnet and doing some static memory analysis of the attack during our regular meeting on 2/6/2014 in Osborne A208 @ 7:30pm.

If you can, bring a laptop running Windows with you. Additionally, download the files beforehand, that’ll save you some time in the lab.
Come by and check it out!

PeakChaos places 16th overall in iCTF 2013

Last week on December 6th, 2013 we participated in iCTF 2013, hosted by UCSB.  The theme of the competition was to build and launch nukes against each other’s teams, which was accomplished in several stages by collecting points.  Overall, the competition built upon the ideas developed for iCTF 2012, where a large portion of the infrastructure was hosted in VMs on UCSB’s systems, rather than having each team host their own vulnerable boxes as has been done traditionally.  Attacks were developed in python, which were then submitted to UCSB, who launched the attacks on behalf of the teams.  Defense was accomplished by patching services, or alternatively by identifying incoming attacks and reporting them to the hosts.

At the end of the day, we placed 16th out 123 teams participating worldwide, and 4th out of 44 US-based teams.  This is a large improvement over our past performances.  We’re looking forward to next year’s competition and the new challenges it will bring.

PeakChaos Meeting Tomorrow 730PM A208

Hello Everyone,

Hope that you’re all having a good week, we have something very special for you tomorrow.
Tomorrow we will begin our Red vs Blue (RvB) internal club tournament! We will break everyone up into Red and Blue teams. RvB is a critical component of the club, where we design vulnerable applications, write custom exploits, and attack vulnerable images with advanced tool-sets. This year’s RvB will last approximately 6 weeks.
We will be meeting at 730PM in room A208 tomorrow Thursday 10/10 (normal time normal place). Bring your laptop and vm’s. Get ready to hack!
Happy Hacking
PeakChaos Admin Yaks

Meeting 9/19 Osbourne A208 7:30PM


A few things for this week. Firstly we have our first competition of the year coming up this Thursday. The competition name is CSAW, hosted by NYU Poly and will run from Thursday - Sunday.
We will be meeting in person for the first leg of the competition in room A208 (same as last time) at 7:30pm this Thursday. There will be a brief overview before the competition ~15 minutes so try to show up on-time. 2 of our officers, Thomas and Keegan will be giving a intro to Linux/Hacking presentation in A208 for those of you who need it before you start the competition. Those ready to compete right away will move to a new location.
We are taking a poll for meeting topics that you guys would be the most interested in learning about. This poll can be found here:
I know many of you are new to Linux, so we have included a great tutorial for you guys to get started:
See you all Thursday,
-PeakChaos Administration

Meeting 9/12 7:30PM

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

We’ll be having our next meeting this Thursday at 7:30PM in Osborne/Science & Engineering A210. A rudimentary, semi-unhelpful, and fruitless map is located hereThe room is on the ground floor, take right through the sliding double doors, go down the hallway and take another right.

We’ll be working on getting everyone introduced to the security world and involved right away. I have constructed a fully interactive presentation/exercise. You will not have access to the training network until the night of the meeting, but the slides are available here

Please bring a working laptop, preferably running Linux or running a Linux VM. It is very boring watching everyone have fun, trust me and if you aren’t behind the keyboard you’re not learning. Bring your gear please.

If you have any questions on how to install a Linux VM here’s an example that will work with Ubuntu on Windows 7:

Happy Hacking!

First Meeting


I want to thank everyone who attended our first Fall Semester meeting and club orientation tonight. We had a lot of interest and are very excited to work with you all! Weekly e-mail will be sent out with important information including dates/times for meetings and events so please keep an eye on your inbox! If you ever have any questions whether it be for hacking, programming, security or anything in general feel free to post a topic to the google group. You can also send myself or another officer an e-mail and we would be glad to help out!


We cannot believe we filled all of Engineering room 101! Absolutely phenomenal turnout and we look forward to our next meeting Thursday, Osborne/Science & Engineering Room A210 at 7:30PM. For those who haven’t already, register for the team at!forum/PeakChaos/join


As always, happy hacking

CyberLympics Final Results

 Congratulations to all of the teams that participated! All of the teams did an incredible job. The top 2 teams below have advanced to the next round of competition. The top 2 teams have won free hotel stays at the Hilton Atlanta, and free entrance to the Hacker Halted along with Team jerseys, and over night hotel stay. We will email the top teams more details regarding the regional prizes and how to participate in the final competition.

1.      DEADBEEF
2.      Secure Mission Solutions – White
3.      Team Merica
4.      Digital Fight Club
5.      Yetisneakers
6.      PeakChaos